Postcards from Scotland – 4 – (Point of Sleat, 7.5km)

A quiet morning on ‘our’ island.

…inside a tidal pool…
…. cold…

After lunch I attempted a walk to the Point of Sleat lighthouse. But 4/5 of the way there I had to turn back because the wind was so strong I could barely stand. I was on my own and no other idiot was out there walking so abandoning the whole idea was for sure the safest option.

It got darker and darker, even though it was only 4 in the afternoon (and the sun doesn’t set till after ten o’clock this time of the year…)…

I clocked the lighthouse and turned back. Can you see how there’s no line between the sea and the sky? It was really disorientating.

So I trotted all the way back to the car and dived into the bathtub as soon as I could. As walks go it certainly blew away all the cobwebs and there’s something wild and exhilarating about being out ‘in the elements’, don’t you think?

Good night.

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