Postcards from Scotland – 3 (The Old Man of Storr, 3.5km)

A ray of sun pierced through the shutters and invited me out of bed early morning. It was like stepping into a different world. Mountains, coastlines that had been hidden from us the day before, suddenly emerge as if by magic. Grown overnight out of thin air.

I knew from the forecast the sun wasn’t going to hang around for long so I made the most of it.

And literally five minutes later…

Still, not too shabby at all.

We stuck to our plans and hit the road regardless, heading towards the North/East of Skye.

Everywhere you look there’s something beautiful…

…please note that while the south of the country was experience the hottest day of the year… I was wearing a bazillion layers…

The landscape is so different and just like I had imagined it. The rain was not going to spoil my fun.

At Sligachan we got a hazy glimpse of the magnificent Cuillin, the magnificent mountain range of the island.

… we coerced a student from Singapore to take some photos of us…

After a picnic lunch by a river… sandwiches and midges… we reached our destination The Old Man of Storr. It’s one of the most famous sights of the island… Legend has it that Old Man of Storr was a giant who had lived in Trotternish Ridge and when he was buried, his thumb was left jutting out the ground, creating the famous jagged landscape.

The walk is not long, but uphill all the way… and then downhill all the way. 3.5km return.

Also, when we started off it was extremely wet. Someone in the photo was not a happy bunny at all.

It’s quite a sight up close. And so are the other rock formations around it.

They recommend not to walk around it because of the risk of rockslide, but nothing stops you from mooching around the hillside. There’s even a very cute little lake…

And the view of the valley below (the big blue bit is the sea and beyond mainland Scotland).

We then decided to drive all the way up and around the coast line of this part of Skye – it’s called the devil’s elbow, apparently. And because I was being the wheels I only have one photo. It’s a very beautiful drive.

And then back home… on our little island off the island… where the sun was out again…

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