Stonehouse, canal towpath walk

The day after ‘the long walk’ the dogs didn’t’ give a hoot my legs were a tad tired so I pulled ranks and made sure we went on a flat path and frankly… canals are a sure bet in these circumstances.

We drove to Stonehouse to explore the Stroud Water canal a little, and took both dogs… the black one in the front of the picture is Lilli, she’s old, deaf and extremely bossy. She also walks very slowly, which suited me just fine.

So these canals… I’m slowly learning about them because I find them fascinating… the ‘Cotswold Canals’ is the collective term for two separate but connected waterways. They join just a little further on up.

We were on the Stroudwater Navigation which opened in 1779 and runs 71⁄2 miles to connect with the River Severn at Framilode. (Note to self… next walk perhaps?). It joined the Thames and Severn
Canal which opened in 1789 and runs eastward 281⁄2 miles to connect with the River Thames at Lechlade. (That might be a walk too far… although in stages… maybe not).

The path is well maintained, quite busy on a Sunday morning but I think it’s great to see family walking together, people cycling or strolling, walking the dogs… It felt like a well used, community space.

There are also lots of signs explaining the history of the canals and the various locks and weirs and mills.

… the double lock at Ryeford…

Opposite Ebley Mills, there’s a coffee shop… just in case you’re thirsty…

The historical building today houses Stroud District Council, but has a fascinating history of wool cloth manufacturing. You can read all about it here.

Lilli was getting wobbly so we turned back.

Murphy's view Hi folk, long time no speak.  This was a fun walk/run till the humans read a sign that said I was meant to be on the lead on this path.  Booooring.  I was super happy dog, but I did get lots of sniffs so I guess it was ok.

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