Cotswold Way part 6, Wotton-Under-Edge to Tormarton, 16miles (25.7km)

I can’t quite believe I am so close to finishing this national trail. It’s been such an amazing experience… The problem now is that it’s getting quite a long way away from where I live and even if I drive myself to the start of the next segment… I still need someone to pick me […]

Cotswold Way, part 3 – Cleeve Hill to Ullenwood 12 1/2 miles (20km)

Another crisp and sunny day. Blue sky, fresh breeze. Perfect walking weather. Picked up the trail exactly when I finished last time, near Cleeve Hill Golf Club… the markers are pretty visible, most of the time, there are a lot of different paths and it’s not always obvious which one to follow, but if you […]

Cotswold Way, part 1 – Chipping Camden to Stanway – 12 miles (19.5km)

If you, like me, enjoy walking around in the Cotswolds you will have encountered signposts with the famous acorn and walked along part of the Cotswold Way many a times… but have you ever had the itch of walking the whole length of it? I thought about it many a times, I have bought books, […]