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Syreford Circular, 3km

Last week Murphy and I finally ventured in new directions and discovered two new routes that are totally worth repeating in the future. This first one is really short, and currently it has no livestock at all therefore the crazy spaniel took full advantage of his free status and covered at least three times the…

* On Winter’s Margin * (Mary Oliver)

On winter’s margin, see the small birds nowWith half-forged memories come flocking homeTo gardens famous for their charity.The green globe’s broken; vines like tangled veinsHang at the entrance to the silent wood. With half a loaf, I am the prince of crumbs; By snow’s down, the birds amassed will singLike children for their sire to walk…

Croome, ‘Conservation Walk’, 6.4km

After what felt like months of rain, gray skies and mud, oceans of mud, the weather was finally sunny and bright and with clear sky came a drop in temperature that meant that the aforementioned mud would be frozen solid and therefore harmless. Thank the lord. I grabbed Murphy and headed for Croome Court which…

Sapperton Circular/Siccaridge Wood

I get bored easily and I try to find new walks for Murphy and I whenever I can. The heavy rains this winter have hindered our explorations somewhat and forced us to stick to the usual routes, I don’t think he minds as much as I do. A couple of days ago, on a day…


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