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Postcards from Iceland – 9 (a canyon, a hot bath and a smelly place)

This morning was mainly about driving from the East of Iceland to the North. Unfortunately the weather was against us – again – and not much of the beautiful country was visible. Low clouds and persistent rain made it moody and atmospheric for sure, but I’m also sure we missed some spectacular stuff. During the […]

Postcards from Iceland – 8 (puffins and old villages)

East Iceland is different. High cliffs, rivers and waterfalls. Coastal villages and scary roads. And puffins, or lundi as they’re called in Icelandic. There are quite a few places where they can be seen as the spend the summer here nesting and raising youngs. Our hotel was inland in Egilsstadir, but I really fancy a […]

Postcards from Iceland – 6 (a glacier hike)

We woke up to rain. Wet rain, if you know what I mean… not a light drizzle… proper ‘get soaked in minutes’ kind of rain. A call to AdventureIS told us the booked glacier hike was ‘of course’ still on so we couldn’t appear too wimpy, so we put on a brave face and a […]


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