Eastleach Turville loop, (5.5km)

Of course the day Covid leaves the house so does the sun… it was so dark it felt like Autumn on Sunday morning. Still there is something uplifting and restoring about heading out for a new walk – even a short one. A change is as good as a rest, right?

We (this time to include the husband and Murphy) parked just up the road from the pub (I think it’s called the Victoria Inn) and walked passed the Alms houses, through some cottages and into the fields.

I adore wide open spaces. This place with a blue sky must be absolutely amazing.

Murphy was off! We encountered no sheep at all, but I have been in this area later on in the season and there are usually a lot… so keep an eye out and the all gates closed. As it was, he had the time of his life.

The valley opens up and slopes gently down to a gorgeous stream…

Irresistible to a spaniel.

Turn left after crossing and keep going following the path. It’s impossible to get lost.

Again, Murphy though all his Christmases came at once…

Through a little wood…

And fields…
And wide open spaces…

Till we got back to the village…

And if you want to see the state of Murphy close up… here it is:
You’re welcome…

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