The Malverns, part 2 – Worcestershire Beacon circuit, (7km)

The irony of writing about all these gorgeous walks while I’m still pretty much stuck indoors with THE virus is wearing thin. I had so many plans for this unexpected spell of gorgeous weather… first class worries I know. But still.

This second trip to the Malvern Hills is recent, and was totally unplanned. I woke up, I saw the colour of the sky and it didn’t take long to convince Murphy… to be honest you just need to jangle the car keys and he’s ready.

I followed Murphy uphill (we came back on the bottom one, big circle) and after a few steep switch backs we were out in the open along the top of the hills.

And breath….

Stupendous, isn’t it? But wait… turn back and this is what’s behind you:

You’re welcome.

On we go, admiring the view, breathing in the blue sky…

and the dog, yes let’s admire this fine specimen. Isn’t he gorgeous?

And then, after a tired while you get to the top. The highest top of all the tops you’ve reached so far, the Beacon.

And then we carried on, all the way down, and up and down till we reached the end and turned back along the eastern flank of the hill back to the car park…

It was simply a most perfect walk.

The cafe was closed, but it looked like a really lovely spot.

And benches… always lots of benches everywhere… must bring a book next time!

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