Northleach circuit, 4 miles (6.4km)

What a gorgeous day.

The temperature promised to raise up to mid 20s Celsius and above so I grabbed Murphy early and we hit the trail. He’s not good with heat – the idiot doesn’t know when to stop running – so we planned it short and headed a little out of town to the village of Northleach, a market town already mentioned in the Doomsday book in 1086, which was also another key place in the wool medieval wool trade.

It’s a beautiful place, superbly well preserved with a gorgeous church we didn’t visit… because… hello, dog!… it also has not one but two museums: a Mechanical Music Museum and a ‘House of Correction’ museum. One must go back to visit all three one day.

I love these late summer’s days… the sun is not so high in the sky so the light has a different quality… a warmer tone.

The trail starts out of town and leads to the hamlet of Hampney across freshly cut fields, not a cloud in the sky. How could we not go out on a day like this? I mean, I know how lucky I am to be able to do this… really really fortunate.

In a big loop around the village he ran, I walked, breathing the warm wind and emptying the mind. It was so needed.

I watched him trying not to chase birds and butterflies (still learning) but I let him jump on bales for the pure fun of it… let me tell you there’s no pick me up like a walk with a springer… look at that slobbery happy face…

Although it was a simple walk we went through so many different views it wasn’t boring at all.. ( and lots of blackberries were eaten by both).

And then one of us jumped into a water thingy (what are they called?) and got a second wind and a second lot of mad running.

The end.

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