Postcards from Iceland – 13 (the land of ice and fire)

I’ve been dying to use that expression and today couldn’t be more perfect.

First up a trip into a glacier… yes into it.

I was sceptical to be honest because the whole idea is a little touristy and cheesy… and it is… BUT it is also quite an educational experience. The guides tell you a lot about how glaciers form and sadly die. How they are truly retreating at an alarming rate and when you actually physically see how much they shrink year on year… it’s totally frightening and really really sad.

I have to be honest… I much rather be ON a glacier than IN… but it was cool. (Actually it was a cold 0Celsius… but that’s a bad joke).

The journey up is over a massive glacial plain…

To get onto the ice field you travel on a modified rocket launcher (I kid you not)

And then you go in the ice tunnel…

me and my baby there

Later in the afternoon the ‘fire’ part.

We visited a privately own hot spring bath… which was amazing! Fabulous location in a canyon, beautifully built… and perfect warm water.

What I liked about the two activities is that both could be dismantled and no visible damage would have been done to the environment. No pollution, no marking… nature would take it’s course as usual. And how wonderful is that?

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