Postcards from Iceland – 11 (whale watching)

Our counter clockwise tour of the country proceeded with another misty drive, North this time… fjord country…

low clouds can be pretty though, how crazy is this reflection?

We got to the town of Hauganes, just after lunch for our whale watching tour. You can do this from many places, this is the oldest outfit, and they do it on old wooden fishing boats, which are lovely.

The town is on the coast of the deepest fjord and the water is so calm it feels like a lake

After an hour of sailing and merely seeing jellyfish and ducks… this happened:

that tiny spray is a whale!

which then came closer and closer and hang around the boat for ages. We turned our engine off so as not to disturb it and it kept diving down and coming back up again.

Totally magical.

And the sun came out too…

What we were seeing is a humpback whale, easily recognisable from the white sides/belly.

We also saw a big pod of dolphins, always playful.

And on the way back you got the chance to do a spot of catch and release fishing…

There must have been soooo many fish in those waters… they were basically attaching themselves onto the hook! It took Sami five minutes to hook two! Some people even caught two in one go. Hilarious.

What a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

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