Postcards from Iceland – 7 (a spot of glacial kayaking and a long drive East)

OMG the sun is out!

Quite exhilarating, isn’t it?

(and a little frustrating because we’ve become aware of all the amazing sights that had been hidden to us by the storm clouds)

First activity of the day was a visit to the glacial lagoon and a little bit of kayaking. (aka more dry-suit shenanigans…)

It is a mind blowing place… iceberg floating down to the sea, rolling and groaning, glistening in the sun. So many different shades of blue. Jökulsárlón first started forming in 1934, when Breiðamerkurjökull glacier started retreating, leaving the lagoon in its path and it reaches a depth of 284metres, making it Iceland deepest lake. Because the glacier is retreating it’s increased its size fourfold since the 70s.

 The lagoon is connected with the ocean and is composed of a sea and freshwater mixture which causes its amazing colour.

If you want to test your marriage I strongly recommend a tandem kayak…( I’ll leave it at that).

Somehow, we survived and didn’t topple into the water, but it was close at times… the thought of a dip in glacial waters wasn’t very attractive.

The wind came up suddenly and strong and so we had to cut the trip short, but it didn’t disappoint. Our guide, Veronica, from, was brilliant. I would totally recommend the company.

If you don’t fancy kayaking there are boat trips options you can choose.

family tradition

Across the road – literally – from the lagoon lies ‘diamond beach’…

I’ll let you work out why!

100 year old ice in my hand

Time to hit the road heading towards the East of the country… it is never a chore when there is so much to see… The roads are impeccably kept, if a little narrow… and the view is so interesting. It changes all the time and it’s very different from anywhere I’ve ever been before.

bog cotton

Seriously, words fail me. It’s just too beautiful.

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