the ankle is better

I can’t believe almost three weeks have passed since I hurt my ankle during the ultra-challenge. I haven’t tested it on a run yet, but it’s much much better… and I’m itching to lengthen my walks again and trot around the local park occasionally.

In the meantime while the ‘exploring new walks’ has been put on hold me and sir Murphy have been re-visiting familiar grounds and realised that nature changes so rapidly that everything seems different. He certainly isn’t bored, and I must admit I am not either.

Cleeve Common

Old paths are dressed in new clothes. Bright red poppies against golden wheat are so intrinsically summer… that I forget I was bored of this walk I could have done it with my eyes closed, stiles and gates included.


The tall grass is perfect for hide and seek games, for practicing recall and retrieve…

Refreshing opportunities seem to be around every corner…

Everywhere is green…

Dowdeswell Reservoir

The woods are magical…

Dowdeswell Reservoir

And the skies call your name…

Leckhampton Hill

There are no excuses to stay inside.

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