energy balls

There are plenty of recipes out there for home made, healthy energy snacks but this particular recipe is so easy and quick and easily customisable that it would be a shame to keep it a secret.

I am not very good at eating during long walks. I know it’s not wise, and it’s something I’m going to have to work on. For me it’s more a logistic issue… I hate stopping and every time I try to eat something more than a jelly baby while walking I end up choking.

I know… I know…

Anyway, these energy balls might be the solution. The recipe comes from my brother in law, who’s pretty nifty in the kitchen.

The base ingredients are:

And this is what I used:

plus mixed seeds and peanut butter

then I went rogue and instead of maple syrup (which I didn’t have) I used agave nectar which is very sweet so I omitted the vanilla extract.

and then I added… chocolate chips and some protein powder…

Dump all the ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. If it’s too wet add oats, if it’s too dry add the more nut butter. Simple. It’s easier to roll it if it’s refrigerated for half an hour or so. It’s sticky stuff!

I like to roll the dough into small balls that I can put into my mouth without having to take bites. But it’s up to you. Refrigerate them overnight ahead of your walk and they’ll keep for a few days afterwards if you have any left.

They are truly moorish. And full of energy and good stuff…

… even if they do look a bit like… well, use your imagination…

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