Cotswold Ultra Challenge, 50km (31miles)

The day arrived. Overcast, fresh wind. Promise of rain ahead.

In front of us 50km raising fund for the wonderful I AM ME, The positive mental health app, created by young people, for young people. Designed to educate, enable and empower. (there is still time to donate by clicking here!).

6am start from Wotton-Under-Edge.

It was my first UltraChallenge experience and I was impressed. Well organised, staggered starts, plenty of space to keep safe distance, sanitising stations, plenty of loos. Free hot drinks and food. Medics at every stop.

The full challenge was 100km (gulp), either done all at once or over two days, but there were also 1/2 challenges of 50km and 1/4 challenges of 25km. Something for everyone.

My walking companion, Claire is the founder of I AM ME, a good friend and a true inspiration. In the photo we’re smiling… we have no idea what to expect… blissful ignorance!

And then we were off! The 6am start was a little bit of a shock to the system I must admit…

And we walked. And we walked.

And we walked.

And then we walked some more.

A couple of breaks.

A twisted ankle, a giant blister…

But we did it.

Slightly less perkier than at the start but super proud of ourselves.

Would I do another one?

Yes I would.

I am amazed about your body can learn to do and how important a positive mindset is. I was really tempted to stop when I twisted my ankle, it would have been justified and maybe even the better thing to do from an injury point of view, but I didn’t. And I’m proud and surprised at myself for carrying on.

If you’re ever tempted of trying something similar… DO IT.

… not for the free t-shirt, or for the medal… but because it’s an amazing feeling to know you can.

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