Postcards from Scotland – 6 (Fairy Pools and Coire na Creiche, 8.2km)

There is something bitter sweet about the last day of a holiday. Excitement about going back home, I missed the boys (and the dogs..), mixed with the sadness to leave such a beautiful place and more adventures. There’s so much more of Skye to see and experience. So many paths to walk, so many waves songs to listen to.

For our fairwell hike we chose to walk to the Fairy Pool which and extremely popular walk and a ‘classic’ one. There are others, less crowded ‘pools’ near Torrin we’ve been told, but we chose this one because we can extend the walk to a decent length and make more of a day of it. ‘Touristy it may be, but would you go to Rome and not see the Colosseum just because there are lots of other people? …Exactly.

The car park is £5.00.

The sun played hide and seek all day. Mostly ‘hide’… but the weather stayed dry and it wasn’t cold.

The pools are formed by the river Brittle as it cascades to the valley floor. Plenty of brave people swim there and I must say it was tempting. Crazy but tempting.

The path is uphill but gently and easyly accessible.

The water is unbelievable clear which makes it harder to judge the depth… the one above was really really deep… but it looks like you can pick up the pebbles from the bottom…

A couple of cairns signal the beginning of the longer path (which loops left across Glenn Brittle and then back down to the beginning of the trail. The views are immense, I highly recommend it.

There are a few roaming sheep and we even saw deers high above us. The path is narrow but easy to follow.

… and the view… well, I can’t do it justice with words…

Half way in the walk you reach a lovely lake and then the path begins to descend back to the valley…

… with the odd cairn to show you the way…

And rest.

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