Plock Court, Gloucester

Hello peeps, it's Murphy here... I just wanted to pop up and say hi, and yes, I'm still around!  My human hasn't taken me with her in her super long walks but we're still hanging out together.
This morning she has taken me to a really cool place for a dog like me and I wanted to share it with you all.  It's in Gloucester, it's called Plock Court , and it's off the ring road (A40) and it was fantastic! (Near Oxstalls Tennis Centre).  She says next time she'll wear her running shoes, humans are funny when they run, don't you think?  They get all red and puffy... hilarious.
The human chose to walk along the path along the outside of the field, don't know why because it's much more fun to zooooom in the middle... (humans are boring)...
It's a big field, ginormous, and very safe, if you're not responsible like me, don't worry, you can't really stray on the road.  There are lots and lots of things to sniff, and dogs to play with, and even a stream... of course I didn't go in at all... geesh... who do you take me for? a gentleman like me?  
It was only a little of perspiration... ahem...
I don't know who that dog in the water is... bad dog!
This was taken from the opposite side... so much space!
On one corner there's a fenced bit left 'wild'... with ponds and flowers... really awesome.  
I might have slipped in the water there... but it was a total accident... honest, gov!
Anyway, the human took her revenge because I got an extra long shower when I got home... she said I stank... 
I profoundly disagree.

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